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Principal Property Management is a locally owned and operated property management company. With over 20 years of managing both single family and multi family residences, Principal Property Management has the knowledge and experience to ensure professional and full service management of all properties.

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Property owners can expect transparency in monthly profit and loss reports. Every monthly statement includes a copy of each invoice to verify expenses down to each individual expense in each individual unit. Whenever possible Principal Property Management uses in house staff to handle minor maintenance items to keep costs as low as possible. All marketing of the property and all related work to acquire a tenant is paid for by Principal Property Management and there is no management fee for vacant units. Therefore if the property or unit is empty there are no management fees until the units is occupied and producing income. All fees and expenses are provided on a monthly basis to ensure transparency and accurate profit and loss on a monthly basis.

Principal Property Management also provides full service property acquisition services and also can handle the sale of current properties. This allows a "one stop shop" for all your real estate investing needs!


Full service professional management of both single family and muti-family residences. Whether it is tenant acquisition, unit management or the tracking of profit and expenses, owners can rest easy and know that their investments are fully being managed effectively.

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For the new investors or the investors already with a sizable portfolio, Principal Property Management can provide investment consulting to ensure the next property acquisition meets the goals of the individual investor. This allows the investor to buy with confidence.

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Whether the sell of a current investment is needed to deploy funds for other investments or the sale is being used to acquire a larger property, Principal Property Management can provide consulting services to assist in the planning of improving the real estate investment portfolio. Principal Property Management can also provide real estate services to handle the sale of any real estate investment property.

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Real Estate Investment Consulting

Principal Property Management can provide any and all consulting services to the new or experienced investor. This can include property acquisition, property financing advice, or overall real estate investment consulting to include the best ways to grow your portfolio.

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